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The choice of "pin setting" is required for Pinch Pleated and Fan Pleated curtain styles—it tells us where to place the pins the drapery hangs on.

  • Traverse Rod: pins will be set 1-1/2" down from the top of the curtain, for use with traverse rods. (We’ll be sure to add enough to your width measurement so that a pair of draperies will overlap in the middle when closed.)
  • Decorative Rod with Rings: pins will be set down 3/8" from the top, for use with a decorative rod and rings. (A pair of draperies will meet at the middle when closed—they will not overlap.) We’ll add a bit to your width measurement to account for "ring creep."
The Inverted Box Pleated curtain does not lend itself to a traverse rod function, so the pins will be set at 3/8" for a decorative rod and rings. The pin setting doesn’t apply to these styles:
  • Rod Pocket (pole goes through pocket)
  • Flat Panel (clip-on rings required)
  • Grommet (pole fits through grommets)
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